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Crossword Puzzle Answers for: ????E?EE?ER


(n.) One who occupies a house with his family; a householder; the master or mistress of a family.
(n.) One who does, or oversees, the work of keeping house; as, his wife is a good housekeeper; often, a woman hired to superintend the servants of a household and manage the ordinary domestic affairs.
(n.) One who exercises hospitality, or has a plentiful and hospitable household.
(n.) One who keeps or stays much at home.
(n.) A house dog.


The pistol of a law officer in the old West
Someone who keeps peace; "she's the peacekeeper in that family"
A member of a military force that is assigned (often with international sanction) to preserve peace in a trouble area


An official who records the score during the progress of a game


(n.) A man in charge of stores or goods of any kind; as, a naval storekeeper.
(n.) One who keeps a "store;" a shopkeeper. See 1st Store, 3.