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Crossword Answers for: ???UMP?


(n.) That which is assumed; an assumption.
(v. t.) To take up; to elevate; to assume.


Move around heavily and clumsily; "the giant tortoises galumphed around in their pen"


Raise the price of something after agreeing on a lower price
Rip off; ask an unreasonable price


Strong cider (as made in western England)


(n.) A magnificent and imposing ceremonial performed in honor of a general who had gained a decisive victory over a foreign enemy.
(n.) Hence, any triumphal procession; a pompous exhibition; a stately show or pageant.
(n.) A state of joy or exultation for success.
(n.) Success causing exultation; victory; conquest; as, the triumph of knowledge.
(n.) A trump card; also, an old game at cards.
(n.) To celebrate victory with pomp; to rejoice over success; to exult in an advantage gained; to exhibit exultation.
(n.) To obtain victory; to be successful; to prevail.
(n.) To be prosperous; to flourish.
(n.) To play a trump card.
(v. t.) To obtain a victory over; to prevail over; to conquer. Also, to cause to triumph.