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Crossword Puzzle Answers for: ??A?S


A mountain peak in southwestern Washington in the Cascade Range (12,307 feet high)
2nd President of the United States (1735-1826)
6th President of the United States; son of John Adams (1767-1848)
American Revolutionary leader and patriot; an organizer of the Boston Tea Party and signer of the Declaration of Independence (1722-1803)


(adv.) By day, or every day; in the daytime.


A female domestic
A woman hired to suckle a child of someone else


(n.) A mass; a heap.
(v. t.) To collect into a mass or heap; to gather a great quantity of; to accumulate; as, to amass a treasure or a fortune; to amass words or phrases.


(n. pl.) A race of giants living in Palestine.


Any of various strong liquors distilled from the fermented sap of toddy palms or from fermented molasses


(in India) a native nursemaid who looks after children


String together like beads
Decorate by sewing beads onto; "bead the wedding gown"
Form into beads, as of water or sweat, for example
A small ball with a hole through the middle
A beaded molding for edging or decorating furniture
A shape that is spherical and small; "he studied the shapes of low-viscosity drops"; "beads of sweat on his forehead"
Several beads threaded together on a string


6. British slang for judge, magistrate
Hit lightly with a picking motion
Horny projecting mouth of a bird
Beaklike mouth of animals other than birds (e.g., turtles)
Informal terms for the nose
A beaklike, tapering tip on certain plant structures


A gymnastic apparatus used by women gymnasts
Long thick piece of wood or metal or concrete, etc., used in construction
The broad side of a ship; "they sighted land on the port beam"
(nautical) breadth amidships
A signal transmitted along a narrow path; guides airplane pilots in darkness or bad weather
Smile radiantly; express joy through one's facial expression
A column of light (as from a beacon)
Broadcast over the airwaves, as in radio or television; "We cannot air this X-rated song"
A group of nearly parallel lines of electromagnetic radiation
Express with a beaming face or smile; "he beamed his approval"
Experience a feeling of well-being or happiness, as from good health or an intense emotion; "She was beaming with joy"; "Her face radiated with happiness"
Have a complexion with a strong bright color, such as red or pink; "Her face glowed when she came out of the sauna"


Informal terms for a human head
Any of various edible seeds of plants of the family Leguminosae used for food
Any of various leguminous plants grown for their edible seeds and pods
Any of various seeds or fruits that are beans or resemble beans
Hit on the head, especially with a pitched baseball


Take on as one's own the expenses or debts of another person; "I'll accept the charges"; "She agreed to bear the responsibility"
Massive plantigrade carnivorous or omnivorous mammals with long shaggy coats and strong claws
Have rightfully; of rights, titles, and offices; "She bears the title of Duchess"; "He held the governorship for almost a decade"
An investor with a pessimistic market outlook; an investor who expects prices to fall and so sells now in order to buy later at a lower price
Behave in a certain manner; "She carried herself well"; "he bore himself with dignity"; "They conducted themselves well during these difficult times"
Have; "bear a resemblance"; "bear a signature"
Contain or hold; have within; "The jar carries wine"; "The canteen holds fresh water"; "This can contains water"
Put up with
Have on one's person; "He wore a red ribbon"; "bear a scar"
Cause to be born; "My wife had twin


Make by pounding or trampling; "beat a path through the forest"
The act of beating to windward; sailing as close as possible to the direction from which the wind is blowing
Move with or as if with a regular alternating motion; "the city pulsated with music and excitement"
A stroke or blow; "the signal was two beats on the steam pipe"
Move rhythmically; "Her heart was beating fast"
A regular rate of repetition; "the cox raised the beat"
Indicate by beating, as with the fingers or drumsticks; "Beat the rhythm"
The basic rhythmic unit in a piece of music; "the piece has a fast rhythm"; "the conductor set the beat"
Sail with much tacking or with difficulty; "The boat beat in the strong wind"
(prosody) the accent in a metrical foot of verse
Wear out completely; "This kind of work exhausts me"; "I'm beat"; "He was all washed up after the exam"
Move with a flapping motion; "The bird's


Divulge confidential information or secrets; "Be careful--his secretary talks"
Speak (about unimportant matters) rapidly and incessantly


A general feeling of boredom and dissatisfaction
Pompous or pretentious talk or writing


Cry plaintively; "The lambs were bleating"
To make loud noises


An uncastrated male hog
Old World wild swine having a narrow body and prominent tusks from which most domestic swine come; introduced in United States


A small vessel for travel on water.
Ride in a boat on water.
A dish (often boat-shaped) for serving gravy or sauce