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Crossword Solutions for: ??EGE


(a.) Sovereign; independent; having authority or right to allegiance; as, a liege lord.
(a.) Serving an independent sovereign or master; bound by a feudal tenure; obliged to be faithful and loyal to a superior, as a vassal to his lord; faithful; loyal; as, a liege man; a liege subject.
(a.) Full; perfect; complete; pure.
(n.) A free and independent person; specif., a lord paramount; a sovereign.
(n.) The subject of a sovereign or lord; a liegeman.


(n.) A seat; especially, a royal seat; a throne.
(n.) Hence, place or situation; seat.
(n.) Rank; grade; station; estimation.
(n.) Passage of excrements; stool; fecal matter.
(n.) The sitting of an army around or before a fortified place for the purpose of compelling the garrison to surrender; the surrounding or investing of a place by an army, and approaching it by passages and advanced works, which cover the besiegers from the enemy's fire. See the Note under Blockade.
(n.) Hence, a continued attempt to gain possession.
(n.) The floor of a glass-furnace.
(n.) A workman's bench.
(v. t.) To besiege; to beset.