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Crossword Solutions for: ??ELP


(n.) A blow; a smart stroke.
(n.) A squall; also, a heavy fall of rain.
(n.) A wrought-iron plate from which a gun barrel or pipe is made by bending and welding the edges together, and drawing the thick tube thus formed.
(v. t.) To strike; to slap.


(n.) One of the young of a dog or a beast of prey; a puppy; a cub; as, a lion's whelps.
(n.) A child; a youth; -- jocosely or in contempt.
(n.) One of the longitudinal ribs or ridges on the barrel of a capstan or a windless; -- usually in the plural; as, the whelps of a windlass.
(n.) One of the teeth of a sprocket wheel.
(v. i.) To bring forth young; -- said of the female of the dog and some beasts of prey.
(v. t.) To bring forth, as cubs or young; to give birth to.