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Crossword Solutions for: ??FL?


(n.) The gadfly of cattle.


(n.) A gun, the inside of whose barrel is grooved with spiral channels, thus giving the ball a rotary motion and insuring greater accuracy of fire. As a military firearm it has superseded the musket.
(n.) A body of soldiers armed with rifles.
(n.) A strip of wood covered with emery or a similar material, used for sharpening scythes.
(v. i.) To raffle.
(v. i.) To commit robbery.
(v. t.) To seize and bear away by force; to snatch away; to carry off.
(v. t.) To strip; to rob; to pillage.
(v. t.) To raffle.
(v. t.) To grove; to channel; especially, to groove internally with spiral channels; as, to rifle a gun barrel or a cannon.
(v. t.) To whet with a rifle. See Rifle, n., 3.