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Crossword Puzzle Solutions for: ?AUNT


(v. t.) To overcome; to conquer.
(v. t.) To repress or subdue the courage of; to check by fear of danger; to cow; to intimidate; to dishearten.


(a.) Attenuated, as with fasting or suffering; lean; meager; pinched and grim.


(n.) A place to which one frequently resorts; as, drinking saloons are the haunts of tipplers; a den is the haunt of wild beasts.
(n.) The habit of resorting to a place.
(n.) Practice; skill.
(v. i.) To persist in staying or visiting.
(v. t.) To frequent; to resort to frequently; to visit pertinaciously or intrusively; to intrude upon.
(v. t.) To inhabit or frequent as a specter; to visit as a ghost or apparition.
(v. t.) To practice; to devote one's self to.
(v. t.) To accustom; to habituate.


(n.) A wearisome journey.
(n.) A short excursion for pleasure or refreshment; a ramble; a short journey.
(v. i.) To ramble here and there; to stroll; to make an excursion.
(v. i.) To ride on a jaunting car.
(v. t.) To jolt; to jounce.


(a.) Very high or tall; as, a ship with taunt masts.
(n.) Upbraiding language; bitter or sarcastic reproach; insulting invective.
(v. t.) To reproach with severe or insulting words; to revile; to upbraid; to jeer at; to flout.


(n.) A vain display of what one is, or has, or has done; ostentation from vanity; a boast; a brag.
(n.) The first part.
(v. i.) To boast; to make a vain display of one's own worth, attainments, decorations, or the like; to talk ostentatiously; to brag.
(v. t.) To boast of; to make a vain display of; to display with ostentation.
(v. t.) To put forward; to display.