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Crossword Puzzle Answers for: ?E?A?N?R


(n.) One who detains.
(n.) The keeping possession of what belongs to another; detention of what is another's, even though the original taking may have been lawful. Forcible detainer is indictable at common law.
(n.) A writ authorizing the keeper of a prison to continue to keep a person in custody.


(n.) One who, or that which, retains.
(n.) One who is retained or kept in service; an attendant; an adherent; a hanger-on.
(n.) Hence, a servant, not a domestic, but occasionally attending and wearing his master's livery.
(n.) The act of a client by which he engages a lawyer or counselor to manage his cause.
(n.) The act of withholding what one has in his hands by virtue of some right.
(n.) A fee paid to engage a lawyer or counselor to maintain a cause, or to prevent his being employed by the opposing party in the case; -- called also retaining fee.
(n.) The act of keeping dependents, or the state of being in dependence.