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Crossword Solver Answers for: ?EFT


(a.) Apt; fit; dexterous; clever; handy; spruce; neat.


Of Heft
(n.) Same as Haft, n.
(n.) The act or effort of heaving/ violent strain or exertion.
(n.) Weight; ponderousness.
(n.) The greater part or bulk of anything; as, the heft of the crop was spoiled.
(v. t.) To heave up; to raise aloft.
(v. t.) To prove or try the weight of by raising.


(a.) Of or pertaining to that side of the body in man on which the muscular action of the limbs is usually weaker than on the other side; -- opposed to right, when used in reference to a part of the body; as, the left hand, or arm; the left ear. Also said of the corresponding side of the lower animals.
(imp. & p. p.) of Leave
(imp. & p. p.) of Leave.
(n.) That part of surrounding space toward which the left side of one's body is turned; as, the house is on the left when you face North.
(n.) Those members of a legislative assembly (as in France) who are in the opposition; the advanced republicans and extreme radicals. They have their seats at the left-hand side of the presiding officer. See Center, and Right.


Of Reave
(imp. & p. p.) Bereft.
(n.) A chink; a rift. See Rift.


Imp. & p. p. of Wave.
(n.) A thing waved, waived, or cast away; a waif.
(n.) The woof of cloth; the threads that cross the warp from selvage to selvage; the thread carried by the shuttle in weaving.
(n.) A web; a thing woven.