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Crossword Solver Answers for: ?HAC?


(n.) See 3d Chase, n., 3.
(v. t.) To pursue. See Chase v. t.


(n.) The grain left after harvest or gleaning; also, nuts which have fallen to the ground.
(n.) Liberty of winter pasturage.
(n.) A shiftless fellow; a low, itinerant beggar; a vagabond; a tramp.
(v. t.) To shed or fall, as corn or grain at harvest.
(v. t.) To feed in stubble, or upon waste corn.
(v. t.) To wander as a vagabond or a tramp.


Alt. of Thacker


(n.) A smart resounding blow.
(v. i.) To strike anything with a smart blow.
(v. t.) To strike; to beat; to give a heavy or resounding blow to; to thrash; to make with whacks.