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Crossword Puzzle Solutions for: ?HRON?


(n.) A chair of state, commonly a royal seat, but sometimes the seat of a prince, bishop, or other high dignitary.
(n.) Hence, sovereign power and dignity; also, the one who occupies a throne, or is invested with sovereign authority; an exalted or dignified personage.
(n.) A high order of angels in the celestial hierarchy; -- a meaning given by the schoolmen.
(v. i.) To be in, or sit upon, a throne; to be placed as if upon a throne.
(v. t.) To place on a royal seat; to enthrone.
(v. t.) To place in an elevated position; to give sovereignty or dominion to; to exalt.


(a.) Thronged; crowded; also, much occupied; busy.
(imp.) of Thring
(n.) A multitude of persons or of living beings pressing or pressed into a close body or assemblage; a crowd.
(n.) A great multitude; as, the heavenly throng.
(v. i.) To crowd together; to press together into a close body, as a multitude of persons; to gather or move in multitudes.
(v. t.) To crowd, or press, as persons; to oppress or annoy with a crowd of living beings.
(v. t.) To crowd into; to fill closely by crowding or pressing into, as a hall or a street.