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Crossword Puzzle Answers for: ?HRUM


(n.) One of the ends of weaver's threads; hence, any soft, short threads or tufts resembling these.
(n.) Any coarse yarn; an unraveled strand of rope.
(n.) A threadlike part of a flower; a stamen.
(n.) A shove out of place; a small displacement or fault along a seam.
(n.) A mat made of canvas and tufts of yarn.
(v. i.) To play rudely or monotonously on a stringed instrument with the fingers; to strum.
(v. i.) Hence, to make a monotonous drumming noise; as, to thrum on a table.
(v. t.) To furnish with thrums; to insert tufts in; to fringe.
(v. t.) To insert short pieces of rope-yarn or spun yarn in; as, to thrum a piece of canvas, or a mat, thus making a rough or tufted surface.
(v. t.) To play, as a stringed instrument, in a rude or monotonous manner.
(v. t.) Hence, to drum on; to strike in a monotonous manner; to thrum the table.