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Crossword Puzzle Solutions for: ?N?B


(v. t.) To seize with the teeth; to gnaw.
(v. t.) To nab. See Nab, v. t.


(n.) A hard protuberance; a hard swelling or rising; a bunch; a lump; as, a knob in the flesh, or on a bone.
(n.) A knoblike ornament or handle; as, the knob of a lock, door, or drawer.
(n.) A rounded hill or mountain; as, the Pilot Knob.
(n.) See Knop.
(v. i.) To grow into knobs or bunches; to become knobbed.


(v. t.) To reprimand; to sneap.


(n.) A reprimand; a snub.
(v. t.) To check; to sneap; to sneb.


(n.) A vulgar person who affects to be better, richer, or more fashionable, than he really is; a vulgar upstart; one who apes his superiors.
(n.) A townsman.
(n.) A journeyman shoemaker.
(n.) A workman who accepts lower than the usual wages, or who refuses to strike when his fellows do; a rat; a knobstick.


(n.) A knot; a protuberance; a song.
(n.) A check or rebuke; an intended slight.
(v. i.) To sob with convulsions.
(v. t.) To clip or break off the end of; to check or stunt the growth of; to nop.
(v. t.) To check, stop, or rebuke, with a tart, sarcastic reply or remark; to reprimand; to check.
(v. t.) To treat with contempt or neglect, as a forward or pretentious person; to slight designedly.