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Crossword Solver Solutions for: ?OPE


(n.) A covering for the head.
(n.) Anything regarded as extended over the head, as the arch or concave of the sky, the roof of a house, the arch over a door.
(n.) An ecclesiastical vestment or cloak, semicircular in form, reaching from the shoulders nearly to the feet, and open in front except at the top, where it is united by a band or clasp. It is worn in processions and on some other occasions.
(n.) An ancient tribute due to the lord of the soil, out of the lead mines in Derbyshire, England.
(n.) The top part of a flask or mold; the outer part of a loam mold.
(v. i.) To form a cope or arch; to bend or arch; to bow.
(v. i.) To exchange or barter.
(v. i.) To encounter; to meet; to have to do with.
(v. i.) To enter into or maintain a hostile contest; to struggle; to combat; especially, to strive or contend on equal terms or with success; to match; to equal; -- usually followed by with.
(v. t.) To pare the beak or talons of (a hawk).
(v. t.) To bargain for; to buy.
(v. t.) To make return for; to requite; to repay.
(v. t.) To match one's self against; to meet; to encounter.


Street names for marijuana
Slang terms for inside information; "is that the straight dope?"
Carbonated drink flavored with extract from kola nuts (`dope' is a southernism in the United States)
An ignorant or foolish person
Give a narcotic to; "The athletes were dope by the coach before the race"
It is a plasticized lacquer that is applied to fabric-covered aircraft. It tightens and stiffens fabric stretched over airframes and renders them airtight and weatherproof.
Add impurities to (a semiconductor) in order to produce or modify its properties; "The resistors have been doped"
Take drugs to improve one's athletic performance


(n.) A sloping plain between mountain ridges.
(n.) A small bay; an inlet; a haven.
(n.) A desire of some good, accompanied with an expectation of obtaining it, or a belief that it is obtainable; an expectation of something which is thought to be desirable; confidence; pleasing expectancy.
(n.) One who, or that which, gives hope, furnishes ground of expectation, or promises desired good.
(n.) That which is hoped for; an object of hope.
(v. i.) To entertain or indulge hope; to cherish a desire of good, or of something welcome, with expectation of obtaining it or belief that it is obtainable; to expect; -- usually followed by for.
(v. i.) To place confidence; to trust with confident expectation of good; -- usually followed by in.
(v. t.) To desire with expectation or with belief in the possibility or prospect of obtaining; to look forward to as a thing desirable, with the expectation of obtaining it; to cherish hopes of.
(v. t.) To expect; to fear.


(imp.) of Leap.
(n.) A leap; a long step.
(n.) An easy gait, consisting of long running strides or leaps.
(v. i.) To leap; to dance.
(v. i.) To move with a lope, as a horse.


(n.) A dull, spiritless person.
(v. i.) To be dull and spiritless.
(v. t.) To make spiritless and stupid.


(n.) Any ecclesiastic, esp. a bishop.
(n.) The bishop of Rome, the head of the Roman Catholic Church. See Note under Cardinal.
(n.) A parish priest, or a chaplain, of the Greek Church.
(n.) A fish; the ruff.


(n.) A large, stout cord, usually one not less than an inch in circumference, made of strands twisted or braided together. It differs from cord, line, and string, only in its size. See Cordage.
(n.) A row or string consisting of a number of things united, as by braiding, twining, etc.; as, a rope of onions.
(n.) The small intestines; as, the ropes of birds.
(v. i.) To be formed into rope; to draw out or extend into a filament or thread, as by means of any glutinous or adhesive quality.
(v. t.) To bind, fasten, or tie with a rope or cord; as, to rope a bale of goods.
(v. t.) To connect or fasten together, as a party of mountain climbers, with a rope.
(v. t.) To partition, separate, or divide off, by means of a rope, so as to include or exclude something; as, to rope in, or rope off, a plot of ground; to rope out a crowd.
(v. t.) To lasso (a steer, horse).
(v. t.) To draw, as with a rope; to entice; to inveigle; to decoy; as, to rope in customers or voters.
(v. t.) To prevent from winning (as a horse), by pulling or curbing.


(n.) A moundlike Buddhist sepulcher, or memorial monument, often erected over a Buddhist relic.
(n.) A grove or clump of trees; as, a toddy tope.
(n.) A small shark or dogfish (Galeorhinus, / Galeus, galeus), native of Europe, but found also on the coasts of California and Tasmania; -- called also toper, oil shark, miller's dog, and penny dog.
(n.) The wren.
(v. i.) To drink hard or frequently; to drink strong or spiritous liquors to excess.


(n.) A European fresh-water bream (Abramis ballerus).