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Crossword Answers for: ?OR?ET


(n.) An obsolete rude reed instrument (Ger. Zinken), of the oboe family.
(n.) A brass instrument, with cupped mouthpiece, and furnished with valves or pistons, now used in bands, and, in place of the trumpet, in orchestras. See Cornet-a-piston.
(n.) A certain organ stop or register.
(n.) A cap of paper twisted at the end, used by retailers to inclose small wares.
(n.) A troop of cavalry; -- so called from its being accompanied by a cornet player.
(n.) The standard of such a troop.
(n.) The lowest grade of commissioned officer in a British cavalry troop, who carried the standard. The office was abolished in 1871.
(n.) A headdress
(n.) A square cap anciently worn as a mark of certain professions.
(n.) A part of a woman's headdress, in the 16th century.
(n.) See Coronet, 2.


(n.) In the Middle Ages, a gown or basque of which the body was close fitting, worn by both men and women.
(n.) An article of dress inclosing the chest and waist worn (chiefly by women) to support the body or to modify its shape; stays.
(v. t.) To inclose in corsets.


(v. t.) To lose the remembrance of; to let go from the memory; to cease to have in mind; not to think of; also, to lose the power of; to cease from doing.
(v. t.) To treat with inattention or disregard; to slight; to neglect.


(v. t.) To give up; to leave; to abandon.


(n.) A piece of armor, whether of chain mail or of plate, defending the throat and upper part of the breast, and forming a part of the double breastplate of the 14th century.
(n.) A piece of plate armor covering the same parts and worn over the buff coat in the 17th century, and without other steel armor.
(n.) A small ornamental plate, usually crescent-shaped, and of gilded copper, formerly hung around the neck of officers in full uniform in some modern armies.
(n.) A ruff worn by women.
(n.) A cutting instrument used in lithotomy.
(n.) A grooved instrunent used in performing various operations; -- called also blunt gorget.
(n.) A crescent-shaped, colored patch on the neck of a bird or mammal.


(n.) A large, strong wasp. The European species (Vespa crabro) is of a dark brown and yellow color. It is very pugnacious, and its sting is very severe. Its nest is constructed of a paperlike material, and the layers of comb are hung together by columns. The American white-faced hornet (V. maculata) is larger and has similar habits.


(n.) A young hog; a pig.