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Crossword Solutions for: ?TU?


(n.) A case for one or several small articles; esp., a box in which scissors, tweezers, and other articles of toilet or of daily use are carried.


(n.) The stump of a tree; that part of a tree or plant which remains fixed in the earth when the stem is cut down; -- applied especially to the stump of a small tree, or shrub.
(n.) A log; a block; a blockhead.
(n.) The short blunt part of anything after larger part has been broken off or used up; hence, anything short and thick; as, the stub of a pencil, candle, or cigar.
(n.) A part of a leaf in a check book, after a check is torn out, on which the number, amount, and destination of the check are usually recorded.
(n.) A pen with a short, blunt nib.
(n.) A stub nail; an old horseshoe nail; also, stub iron.
(v. t.) To grub up by the roots; to extirpate; as, to stub up edible roots.
(v. t.) To remove stubs from; as, to stub land.
(v. t.) To strike as the toes, against a stub, stone, or other fixed object.


(n.) A collection of breeding horses and mares, or the place where they are kept; also, a number of horses kept for a racing, riding, etc.
(n.) A stem; a trunk.
(n.) An upright scanting, esp. one of the small uprights in the framing for lath and plaster partitions, and furring, and upon which the laths are nailed.
(n.) A kind of nail with a large head, used chiefly for ornament; an ornamental knob; a boss.
(n.) An ornamental button of various forms, worn in a shirt front, collar, wristband, or the like, not sewed in place, but inserted through a buttonhole or eyelet, and transferable.
(n.) A short rod or pin, fixed in and projecting from something, and sometimes forming a journal.
(n.) A stud bolt.
(n.) An iron brace across the shorter diameter of the link of a chain cable.
(v. t.) To adorn with shining studs, or knobs.
(v. t.) To set with detached ornaments or prominent objects; to set thickly, as with studs.


(n.) Unfermented grape juice or wine, often used to raise fermentation in dead or vapid wines; must.
(n.) Wine revived by new fermentation, reulting from the admixture of must.
(v. t.) To renew, as wine, by mixing must with it and raising a new fermentation.


(n.) The condition of being stunned.
(v. t.) To make senseless or dizzy by violence; to render senseless by a blow, as on the head.
(v. t.) To dull or deaden the sensibility of; to overcome; especially, to overpower one's sense of hearing.
(v. t.) To astonish; to overpower; to bewilder.


(v. i.) To stutter.