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Crossword Solver Solutions for: B???W


(v. t.) To moisten with dew, or as with dew.


(adv.) In a lower place, with respect to any object; in a lower room; beneath.
(adv.) On the earth, as opposed to the heavens.
(adv.) In hell, or the regions of the dead.
(adv.) In court or tribunal of inferior jurisdiction; as, at the trial below.
(adv.) In some part or page following.
(prep.) Under, or lower in place; beneath not so high; as, below the moon; below the knee.
(prep.) Inferior to in rank, excellence, dignity, value, amount, price, etc.; lower in quality.
(prep.) Unworthy of; unbefitting; beneath.


(n.) A local or subordinate law; a private law or regulation made by a corporation for its own government.
(n.) A law that is less important than a general law or constitutional provision, and subsidiary to it; a rule relating to a matter of detail; as, civic societies often adopt a constitution and by-laws for the government of their members. In this sense the word has probably been influenced by by, meaning secondary or aside.