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Crossword Puzzle Solutions for: C?C?E


(n.) A hole in the ground, or hiding place, for concealing and preserving provisions which it is inconvenient to carry.


(n.) A public nursery, where the young children of poor women are cared for during the day, while their mothers are at work.


(n.) An imaginary circle or orbit in the heavens; one of the celestial spheres.
(n.) An interval of time in which a certain succession of events or phenomena is completed, and then returns again and again, uniformly and continually in the same order; a periodical space of time marked by the recurrence of something peculiar; as, the cycle of the seasons, or of the year.
(n.) An age; a long period of time.
(n.) An orderly list for a given time; a calendar.
(n.) The circle of subjects connected with the exploits of the hero or heroes of some particular period which have served as a popular theme for poetry, as the legend of Arthur and the knights of the Round Table, and that of Charlemagne and his paladins.
(n.) One entire round in a circle or a spire; as, a cycle or set of leaves.
(n.) A bicycle or tricycle, or other light velocipede.
(v. i.) To pass through a cycle of changes; to recur in cycles.
(v. i.) To ride a bicycle, tricycle, or other form of cycle.