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Crossword Puzzle Answers for: CIP?ER


(a.) Of the nature of a cipher; of no weight or influence.
(n.) A character [0] which, standing by itself, expresses nothing, but when placed at the right hand of a whole number, increases its value tenfold.
(n.) One who, or that which, has no weight or influence.
(n.) A character in general, as a figure or letter.
(n.) A combination or interweaving of letters, as the initials of a name; a device; a monogram; as, a painter's cipher, an engraver's cipher, etc. The cut represents the initials N. W.
(n.) A private alphabet, system of characters, or other mode of writing, contrived for the safe transmission of secrets; also, a writing in such characters.
(v. i.) To use figures in a mathematical process; to do sums in arithmetic.
(v. t.) To write in occult characters.
(v. t.) To get by ciphering; as, to cipher out the answer.
(v. t.) To decipher.
(v. t.) To designate by characters.