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Crossword Solutions for: D??V?


(v. t.) To stun or stupefy with noise; to deafen.


(v. i.) To dig or labor with a spade, or as with a spade; to labor as a drudge.
(v. t.) To dig; to open (the ground) as with a spade.
(v. t.) To dig into; to penetrate; to trace out; to fathom.
(v. t.) A place dug; a pit; a ditch; a den; a cave.


Short for dividend; especially one paid by a cooperative society


(n.) The act of driving; a trip or an excursion in a carriage, as for exercise or pleasure; -- distinguished from a ride taken on horseback.
(n.) A place suitable or agreeable for driving; a road prepared for driving.
(n.) Violent or rapid motion; a rushing onward or away; esp., a forced or hurried dispatch of business.
(n.) In type founding and forging, an impression or matrix, formed by a punch drift.
(n.) A collection of objects that are driven; a mass of logs to be floated down a river.
(p. p.) Driven.
(v. i.) To rush and press with violence; to move furiously.
(v. i.) To be forced along; to be impelled; to be moved by any physical force or agent; to be driven.
(v. i.) To go by carriage; to pass in a carriage; to proceed by directing or urging on a vehicle or the animals that draw it; as, the coachman drove to my door.
(v. i.) To press forward; to aim, or tend, to a point; to make an effort; to strive; -- usually with at.
(v. i.) To distrain for rent.
(v. t.) To impel or urge onward by force in a direction away from one, or along before one; to push forward; to compel to move on; to communicate motion to; as, to drive cattle; to drive a nail; smoke drives persons from a room.
(v. t.) To urge on and direct the motions of, as the beasts which draw a vehicle, or the vehicle borne by them; hence, also, to take in a carriage; to convey in a vehicle drawn by beasts; as, to drive a pair of horses or a stage; to drive a person to his own door.
(v. t.) To urge, impel, or hurry forward; to force; to constrain; to urge, press, or bring to a point or state; as, to drive a person by necessity, by persuasion, by force of circumstances, by argument, and the like.
(v. t.) To carry or; to keep in motion; to conduct; to prosecute.
(v. t.) To clear, by forcing away what is contained.
(v. t.) To dig Horizontally; to cut a horizontal gallery or tunnel.
(v. t.) To pass away; -- said of time.


(imp.) of Drive
(imp.) of Drive.
(n.) A collection of cattle driven, or cattle collected for driving; a number of animals, as oxen, sheep, or swine, driven in a body.
(n.) Any collection of irrational animals, moving or driving forward; as, a finny drove.
(n.) A crowd of people in motion.
(n.) A road for driving cattle; a driftway.
(n.) A narrow drain or channel used in the irrigation of land.
(n.) A broad chisel used to bring stone to a nearly smooth surface; -- called also drove chisel.
(n.) The grooved surface of stone finished by the drove chisel; -- called also drove work.


(a.) Turbid; muddy; filthy.