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Crossword Solver Answers for: E??EC?


(n.) Execution; performance; realization; operation; as, the law goes into effect in May.
(n.) Manifestation; expression; sign.
(n.) In general: That which is produced by an agent or cause; the event which follows immediately from an antecedent, called the cause; result; consequence; outcome; fruit; as, the effect of luxury.
(n.) Impression left on the mind; sensation produced.
(n.) Power to produce results; efficiency; force; importance; account; as, to speak with effect.
(n.) Consequence intended; purpose; meaning; general intent; -- with to.
(n.) The purport; the sum and substance.
(n.) Reality; actual meaning; fact, as distinguished from mere appearance.
(n.) Goods; movables; personal estate; -- sometimes used to embrace real as well as personal property; as, the people escaped from the town with their effects.
(v. t.) To produce, as a cause or agent; to cause to be.
(v. t.) To bring to pass; to execute; to enforce; to achieve; to accomplish.


(n.) The red gurnard or cuckoo fish.


(a.) Contaminated with illegality.


(n.) A prerogative given to the eldest coparcener to choose first after an inheritance is divided.


(n.) Expectation.
(v. t.) To wait for; to await.
(v. t.) To look for (mentally); to look forward to, as to something that is believed to be about to happen or come; to have a previous apprehension of, whether of good or evil; to look for with some confidence; to anticipate; -- often followed by an infinitive, sometimes by a clause (with, or without, that); as, I expect to receive wages; I expect that the troops will be defeated.
(v. t.) To wait; to stay.


(v. t.) A cutting out or away.
(v. t.) The removal by operation of a portion of a limb; particularly, the removal of a portion of a bone in the vicinity of a joint; the act or process of cutting out.