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Crossword Puzzle Answers for: FON?


Imp. of Find. Found.
(superl.) Foolish; silly; simple; weak.
(superl.) Foolishly tender and loving; weakly indulgent; over-affectionate.
(superl.) Affectionate; loving; tender; -- in a good sense; as, a fond mother or wife.
(superl.) Loving; much pleased; affectionately regardful, indulgent, or desirous; longing or yearning; -- followed by of (formerly also by on).
(superl.) Doted on; regarded with affection.
(superl.) Trifling; valued by folly; trivial.
(v. i.) To be fond; to dote.
(v. t.) To caress; to fondle.


(n.) pl. of Foe.


(n.) A complete assortment of printing type of one size, including a due proportion of all the letters in the alphabet, large and small, points, accents, and whatever else is necessary for printing with that variety of types; a fount.
(n.) A fountain; a spring; a source.
(n.) A basin or stone vessel in which water is contained for baptizing.