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Crossword Solver Answers for: G?LL??T


(a.) Showy; splendid; magnificent; gay; well-dressed.
(a.) Noble in bearing or spirit; brave; high-spirited; courageous; heroic; magnanimous; as, a gallant youth; a gallant officer.
(a.) Polite and attentive to ladies; courteous to women; chivalrous.
(n.) A man of mettle or spirit; a gay; fashionable man; a young blood.
(n.) One fond of paying attention to ladies.
(n.) One who wooes; a lover; a suitor; in a bad sense, a seducer.
(v. t.) To attend or wait on, as a lady; as, to gallant ladies to the play.
(v. t.) To handle with grace or in a modish manner; as, to gallant a fan.


(n.) A round gall produced on the leaves and shoots of various species of the oak tree. See Gall, and Nutgall.