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Crossword Solutions for: GUT???


(imp. & p. p.) of Gut


(n.) A channel at the eaves of a roof for conveying away the rain; an eaves channel; an eaves trough.
(n.) A small channel at the roadside or elsewhere, to lead off surface water.
(n.) Any narrow channel or groove; as, a gutter formed by erosion in the vent of a gun from repeated firing.
(v. i.) To become channeled, as a candle when the flame flares in the wind.
(v. t.) To cut or form into small longitudinal hollows; to channel.
(v. t.) To supply with a gutter or gutters.


(n.) To put into the gut; to swallow greedily; to gorge; to gormandize. [Obs.] L'Estrange.