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Crossword Puzzle Solutions for: INF?S?


(v. t.) Mischievous; hurtful; harassing.
(v. t.) To trouble greatly by numbers or by frequency of presence; to disturb; to annoy; to frequent and molest or harass; as, fleas infest dogs and cats; a sea infested with pirates.


(n.) Infusion.
(v. t.) To pour in, as a liquid; to pour (into or upon); to shed.
(v. t.) To instill, as principles or qualities; to introduce.
(v. t.) To inspire; to inspirit or animate; to fill; -- followed by with.
(v. t.) To steep in water or other fluid without boiling, for the propose of extracting medicinal qualities; to soak.
(v. t.) To make an infusion with, as an ingredient; to tincture; to saturate.