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Crossword Solver Solutions for: L?RE


(n.) Lore; learning.
(n.) Pasture; feed. See Lair.
(v. t.) To feed; to fatten.


(a.) Empty.
(n.) Learning; lesson; lore.
(n.) Flesh; skin.
(v. t. & i.) To learn; to teach.


(n.) The space between the eye and bill, in birds, and the corresponding region in reptiles and fishes.
(n.) The anterior portion of the cheeks of insects.
(obs. imp. & p. p.) Lost.
(v. t.) That which is or may be learned or known; the knowledge gained from tradition, books, or experience; often, the whole body of knowledge possessed by a people or class of people, or pertaining to a particular subject; as, the lore of the Egyptians; priestly lore; legal lore; folklore.
(v. t.) That which is taught; hence, instruction; wisdom; advice; counsel.
(v. t.) Workmanship.


(n.) A contrivance somewhat resembling a bird, and often baited with raw meat; -- used by falconers in recalling hawks.
(n.) Any enticement; that which invites by the prospect of advantage or pleasure; a decoy.
(n.) A velvet smoothing brush.
(n.) To draw to the lure; hence, to allure or invite by means of anything that promises pleasure or advantage; to entice; to attract.
(v. i.) To recall a hawk or other animal.


(n.) A stringed instrument of music; a kind of harp much used by the ancients, as an accompaniment to poetry.
(n.) One of the constellations; Lyra. See Lyra.