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Crossword Solver Answers for: N?I?


(n.) Any one of numerous species of small, fresh-water, chaetopod annelids of the tribe Naidina. They belong to the Oligochaeta.


(a.) Having a true natural luster without being cut; -- applied by jewelers to a precious stone.
(a.) Naive; as, a naif remark.


(a.) A measure of length, being two inches and a quarter, or the sixteenth of a yard.
(n.) the horny scale of plate of epidermis at the end of the fingers and toes of man and many apes.
(n.) The basal thickened portion of the anterior wings of certain hemiptera.
(n.) The terminal horny plate on the beak of ducks, and other allied birds.
(n.) A slender, pointed piece of metal, usually with a head, used for fastening pieces of wood or other material together, by being driven into or through them.
(n.) To fasten with a nail or nails; to close up or secure by means of nails; as, to nail boards to the beams.
(n.) To stud or boss with nails, or as with nails.
(n.) To fasten, as with a nail; to bind or hold, as to a bargain or to acquiescence in an argument or assertion; hence, to catch; to trap.
(n.) To spike, as a cannon.


(v. t.) To annoy. See Noy.