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Crossword Puzzle Solutions for: O??EN?


(v. t.) To oppose; to hold out in opposition.
(v. t.) To offer as the reason of anything; to pretend.


(n.) Same as Octylene.


(v. i.) To transgress the moral or divine law; to commit a crime; to stumble; to sin.
(v. i.) To cause dislike, anger, or vexation; to displease.


(v. t.) To strike against; to attack; to assail.
(v. t.) To displease; to make angry; to affront.
(v. t.) To be offensive to; to harm; to pain; to annoy; as, strong light offends the eye; to offend the conscience.
(v. t.) To transgress; to violate; to sin against.
(v. t.) To oppose or obstruct in duty; to cause to stumble; to cause to sin or to fall.


(a.) Rising, as the sun.
(a.) Eastern; oriental.
(a.) Bright; lustrous; superior; pure; perfect; pellucid; -- used of gems and also figuratively, because the most perfect jewels are found in the East.
(n.) The part of the horizon where the sun first appears in the morning; the east.
(n.) The countries of Asia or the East.
(n.) A pearl of great luster.
(v. t.) To define the position of, in relation to the orient or east; hence, to ascertain the bearings of.
(v. t.) Fig.: To correct or set right by recurring to first principles; to arrange in order; to orientate.


(n.) Appearance; air; mien.
(n.) Manifestation; token; portent.