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Crossword Solver Solutions for: RA?L


(n.) An outer cloak or covering; a neckerchief for women.
(n.) A bar of timber or metal, usually horizontal or nearly so, extending from one post or support to another, as in fences, balustrades, staircases, etc.
(n.) A horizontal piece in a frame or paneling. See Illust. of Style.
(n.) A bar of steel or iron, forming part of the track on which the wheels roll. It is usually shaped with reference to vertical strength, and is held in place by chairs, splices, etc.
(n.) The stout, narrow plank that forms the top of the bulwarks.
(n.) The light, fencelike structures of wood or metal at the break of the deck, and elsewhere where such protection is needed.
(v.) Any one of numerous species of limicoline birds of the family Rallidae, especially those of the genus Rallus, and of closely allied genera. They are prized as game birds.
(v. i.) To flow forth; to roll out; to course.
(v. i.) To use insolent and reproachful language; to utter reproaches; to scoff; -- followed by at or against, formerly by on.
(v. t.) To inclose with rails or a railing.
(v. t.) To range in a line.
(v. t.) To rail at.
(v. t.) To move or influence by railing.