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Crossword Solver Solutions for: S??E?


Aromatic fresh or dried grey-green leaves used widely as seasoning for meats and fowl and game etc
A mentor in spiritual and philosophical topics who is renowned for profound wisdom
Any of various plants of the genus Salvia; a cosmopolitan herb


(n.) A respectful title or appellation given to Europeans of rank.


(n.) A falcon (Falco sacer) native of Southern Europe and Asia, closely resembling the lanner.
(n.) The peregrine falcon.
(n.) A small piece of artillery.


A reason for wanting something done; "for your sake"; "died for the sake of his country"; "in the interest of safety"; "in the common interest"
The purpose of achieving or obtaining; "for the sake of argument"
Japanese alcoholic beverage made from fermented rice; usually served hot


A city in southern India
A city in northeastern Massachusetts; site of the witchcraft trials in 1692
Capital of the state of Oregon in the northwestern part of the state on the Willamette River


Income (at invoice values) received for goods and services over some given period of time
A particular instance of selling; "he has just made his first sale"; "they had to complete the sale before the banks closed"
The general activity of selling; "they tried to boost sales"; "laws limit the sale of handguns"
An occasion (usually brief) for buying at specially reduced prices; "they held a sale to reduce their inventory"; "I got some great bargains at their annual sale"
An agreement (or contract) in which property is transferred from the seller (vendor) to the buyer (vendee) for a fixed price in money (paid or agreed to be paid by the buyer); "the salesman faxed the sales agreement to his home office"
The state of being purchasable; offered or exhibited for selling; "you'll find vitamin C for sale at most pharmacies"; "the new line of cars will soon be on sale"


(of a person) Of sound mind; not mad or mentally ill: "hard work kept me sane" (of an undertaking or manner) Reasonable; sensible.


(n.) The principal garment of a Hindoo woman. It consists of a long piece of cloth, which is wrapped round the middle of the body, a portion being arranged to hang down in front, and the remainder passed across the bosom over the left shoulder.


Contraceptive device consisting of a sheath of thin rubber or latex that is worn over the penis during intercourse
Strongbox where valuables can be safely kept
Make unnecessary an expenditure or effort;
A ventilated or refrigerated cupboard for securing provisions from pests
Record data on a computer;
To keep up and reserve for personal or special use;
(sports) the act of preventing the opposition from scoring;
Accumulate money for future use;
Spend less; buy at a reduced price
Retain rights to;
Spend sparingly, avoid the waste of;
Refrain from harming
Save from ruin, destruction, or harm
Save from sins
Bring into safety;