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Crossword Solutions for: S??E?ES


A schematic or preliminary plan
An elaborate and systematic plan of action
An internal representation of the world; an organization of concepts and actions that can be revised by new information about the world
A statement that evades the question by cleverness or trickery
A group of independent but interrelated elements comprising a unified whole; "a vast system of production and distribution and consumption keep the country going"
Form intrigues (for) in an underhand manner
To plot something
Devise a system or form a scheme for


Withdraw from an organization or communion; "After the break up of the Soviet Union, many republics broke away"


The part of a garment that is attached at the armhole and that provides a cloth covering for the arm
Small case into which an object fits
Rubber or plastic ring lining a hole


Exhale spasmodically, as when an irritant entered one's nose; "Pepper makes me sneeze"
A symptom consisting of the involuntary expulsion of air from the nose


Any spherically shaped artifact
A particular aspect of life or activity;
The apparent surface of the imaginary sphere on which celestial bodies appear to be projected
The geographical area in which one nation is very influential
A three-dimensional closed surface such that every point on the surface is equidistant from the center
A solid figure bounded by a spherical surface (including the space it encloses)