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Crossword Solver Solutions for: S?IVE


(n.) A slice; as, a shive of bread.
(n.) A thin piece or fragment; specifically, one of the scales or pieces of the woody part of flax removed by the operation of breaking.
(n.) A thin, flat cork used for stopping a wide-mouthed bottle; also, a thin wooden bung for casks.


(n.) The iron lap used by diamond polishers in finishing the facets of the gem.
(v. t.) To pare or shave off the rough or thick parts of (hides or leather).


(n.) The floating dust in flour mills caused by the operation or grinding.
(v. i.) To be stifled or suffocated.
(v. t.) To stuff; to crowd; to fill full; hence, to make hot and close; to render stifling.