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Crossword Puzzle Answers for: S?L?I?R


Having a smooth, gleaming surface reflecting light; "glossy auburn hair"; "satiny gardenia petals"; "sleek black fur"; "silken eyelashes"; "silky skin"; "a silklike fabric"; "slick seals and otters"


Dazed from or as if from repeated blows;
Inspiring scornful pity;
Lacking seriousness; given to frivolity;
Ludicrous, foolish;
Least sensible


(n.) One who is engaged in military service as an officer or a private; one who serves in an army; one of an organized body of combatants.
(n.) Especially, a private in military service, as distinguished from an officer.
(n.) A brave warrior; a man of military experience and skill, or a man of distinguished valor; -- used by way of emphasis or distinction.
(n.) The red or cuckoo gurnard (Trigla pini.)
(n.) One of the asexual polymorphic forms of white ants, or termites, in which the head and jaws are very large and strong. The soldiers serve to defend the nest. See Termite.
(v. i.) To serve as a soldier.
(v. i.) To make a pretense of doing something, or of performing any task.


Depressingly dark; "the gloomy forest"; "the glooming interior of an old inn"; "`gloomful' is archaic"
Moving slowly; "a sluggish stream"
Sullen or moody