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Crossword Puzzle Solutions for: S?O??S


Showing your contempt by derision
Verb: to eat quickly and greedily
Treat with contemptuous disregard; "flout the rules"
Laugh at with contempt and derision; "The crowd jeered at the speaker"


Censure severely or angrily; "The mother scolded the child for entering a stranger's car"; "The deputy ragged the Prime Minister"; "The customer dressed down the waiter for bringing cold soup"
Someone (especially a woman) who annoys people by constantly finding fault
Show one's unhappiness or critical attitude; "He scolded about anything that he thought was wrong"; "We grumbled about the increased work load"


Small biscuit (rich with cream and eggs) cut into diamonds or sticks and baked in an oven or (especially originally) on a griddle


A news report that is reported first by one news organization; "he got a scoop on the bribery of city officials"
The quantity a scoop will hold
A hollow concave shape made by removing something
Get the better of; "the goal was to best the competition"
Take out or up with or as if with a scoop; "scoop the sugar out of the container"
A large ladle; "he used a scoop to serve the ice cream"
The shovel or bucket of a dredge or backhoe
Street names for gamma hydroxybutyrate


Run or move very quickly or hastily; "She dashed into the yard"


Electronic equipment that provides visual images of varying electrical quantities
A magnifier of images of distant objects
An area in which something acts or operates or has power or control:
The state of the environment in which a situation exists; "you can't do that in a university setting"
Tennessee highschool teacher who violated a state law by teaching evolution; in a highly publicized trial in 1925 he was prosecuted by William Jennings Bryan and defended by Clarence Darrow (1900-1970)


Gain points in a game; "The home team scored many times"; "He hit a home run"; "He hit .300 in the past season"
An amount due (as at a restaurant or bar); "add it to my score and I'll settle later"
Get a certain number or letter indicating quality or performance; "She scored high on the SAT"; "He scored a 200"
Make small marks into the surface of; "score the clay before firing it"
Induce to have sex; "Harry finally seduced Sally"; "Did you score last night?"; "Harry made Sally"
A large number or amount; "made lots of new friends"; "she amassed stacks of newspapers"
Write a musical score for
A seduction culminating in sexual intercourse; "calling his seduction of the girl a `score' was a typical example of male slang"
The act of scoring in a game or sport; "the winning score came with less than a minute left to play"
A number or letter indicating quality (especially of a student's performance); "sh


Open disrespect for a person or thing
Lack of respect accompanied by a feeling of intense dislike; "he was held in contempt"; "the despite in which outsiders were held is legendary"
Reject with contempt; "She spurned his advances"
Look down on with disdain; "He despises the people he has to work for"; "The professor scorns the students who don't catch on immediately"


Rinse, clean, or empty with a liquid; "flush the wound with antibiotics"; "purge the old gas tank"
Diarrhea in livestock
Clean with hard rubbing; "She scrubbed his back"
A place that is scoured (especially by running water)
Rub hard or scrub; "scour the counter tops"
Cattle disease. Diarrhoea in pigs.
Examine minutely; "The police scoured the country for the fugitive"


Explore, often with the goal of finding something or somebody
A Boy Scout or Girl Scout
A person employed to keep watch for some anticipated event
Someone who can find paths through unexplored territory
Someone employed to discover and recruit talented persons (especially in the worlds of entertainment or sports)


Frown with displeasure
A facial expression of dislike or displeasure


A large group of fish; "a school of small glittering fish swam by"
A stretch of shallow water
A sandbank in a stretch of water that is visible at low tide
Become shallow; "the lake shallowed over time"
Make shallow; "The silt shallowed the canal"


Inflict a trauma upon
Subject to electrical shocks
Collect or gather into shocks; "shock grain"
Collide violently
Strike with horror or terror; "The news of the bombing shocked her"
Surprise greatly; knock someone's socks off; "I was floored when I heard that I was promoted"
A reflex response to the passage of electric current through the body; "subjects received a small electric shock when they made the wrong response"; "electricians get accustomed to occasional shocks"
Strike with disgust or revulsion;
The violent interaction of individuals or groups entering into combat; "the armies met in the shock of battle"
A mechanical damper; absorbs energy of sudden impulses; "the old car needed a new set of shocks"
An unpleasant or disappointing surprise; "it came as a shock to learn that he was injured"
A sudden jarring impact; "the door closed with a jolt"; "all the jars and jolts wer


Hit with a missile from a weapon
Spend frivolously and unwisely; "Fritter away one's inheritance"
Throw dice, as in a crap game
Variegate by interweaving weft threads of different colors; "shoot cloth"
Force or drive (a fluid or gas) into by piercing; "inject hydrogen into the balloon"
Throw or propel in a specific direction or towards a specific objective; "shoot craps"; "shoot a golf ball"
The act of shooting at targets; "they hold a shoot every weekend during the summer"
Move quickly and violently; "The car tore down the street"; "He came charging into my office"
A new branch
Run or move very quickly or hastily; "She dashed into the yard"
Send forth suddenly, intensely, swiftly; "shoot a glance"
Give an injection to; "We injected the glucose into the patient's vein"
Cause a sharp and sudden pain in; "The pain shot up her leg"
Produce buds, branches, or g


Support by placing against something solid or rigid; "shore and buttress an old building"
Arrive on shore; "The ship landed in Pearl Harbor"
Serve as a shore to; "The river was shored by trees"
A beam or timber that is propped against a structure to provide support
The land along the edge of a body of water


Underpants worn by men
Trousers that end at or above the knee
The fielding position of the player on a baseball team who is stationed between second and third base
Create a short circuit in
The location on a baseball field where the shortstop is stationed
Cheat someone by not returning him enough money
Accidental contact between two points in an electric circuit that have a potential difference


Use foul or abusive language towards; "The actress abused the policeman who gave her a parking ticket"; "The angry mother shouted at the teacher"
Utter aloud; often with surprise, horror, or joy; "`I won!' he exclaimed"; "`Help!' she cried"; "`I'm here,' the mother shouted when she saw her child looking lost"
Utter in a loud voice; talk in a loud voice (usually denoting characteristic manner of speaking); "My grandmother is hard of hearing--you'll have to shout"
Utter a sudden loud cry; "she cried with pain when the doctor inserted the needle"; "I yelled to her from the window but she couldn't hear me"
A loud utterance; often in protest or opposition; "the speaker was interrupted by loud cries from the rear of the audience"


Push roughly; "the people pushed and shoved to get in line"
Come into rough contact with while moving; "The passengers jostled each other in the overcrowded train"
Press or force; "Stuff money into an envelope"; "She thrust the letter into his hand"
The act of shoving (giving a push to someone or something); "he gave the door a shove"


A sailing vessel with a single mast set about one third of the boat's length aft of the bow


An elevated geological formation; "he climbed the steep slope"; "the house was built on the side of a mountain"
Be at an angle; "The terrain sloped down"
The property possessed by a line or surface that departs from the horizontal; "a five-degree gradient"


Apathy and inactivity in the practice of virtue (personified as one of the deadly sins)
Any of several slow-moving arboreal mammals of South America and Central America; they hang from branches back downward and feed on leaves and fruits
A disinclination to work or exert yourself