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Crossword Solver Answers for: SEE?


(n.) A ripened ovule, consisting of an embryo with one or more integuments, or coverings; as, an apple seed; a currant seed. By germination it produces a new plant.
(n.) Any small seedlike fruit, though it may consist of a pericarp, or even a calyx, as well as the seed proper; as, parsnip seed; thistle seed.
(n.) The generative fluid of the male; semen; sperm; -- not used in the plural.
(n.) That from which anything springs; first principle; original; source; as, the seeds of virtue or vice.
(n.) The principle of production.
(n.) Progeny; offspring; children; descendants; as, the seed of Abraham; the seed of David.
(n.) Race; generation; birth.
(pl.) of Seed
(v. t.) To sprinkle with seed; to plant seeds in; to sow; as, to seed a field.
(v. t.) To cover thinly with something scattered; to ornament with seedlike decorations.


(a.) Sick.
(v. i.) To make search or inquiry: to endeavor to make discovery.
(v. t.) To go in search of; to look for; to search for; to try to find.
(v. t.) To inquire for; to ask for; to solicit; to bessech.
(v. t.) To try to acquire or gain; to strive after; to aim at; as, to seek wealth or fame; to seek one's life.
(v. t.) To try to reach or come to; to go to; to resort to.


(n.) Alt. of Seeling
(n.) Good fortune; favorable opportunity; prosperity. [Obs.] "So have I seel".
(n.) Time; season; as, hay seel.
(v. i.) To incline to one side; to lean; to roll, as a ship at sea.
(v. t.) To close the eyes of (a hawk or other bird) by drawing through the lids threads which were fastened over the head.
(v. t.) Hence, to shut or close, as the eyes; to blind.


(a.) To appear, or to appear to be; to have a show or semblance; to present an appearance; to look; to strike one's apprehension or fancy as being; to be taken as.
(v. t.) To befit; to beseem.


P. p. of See.
(a.) Versed; skilled; accomplished.
(p. p.) of See


(a.) Sore; painful.
(n.) One who sees.
(n.) A person who foresees events; a prophet.


Accompany or escort; "I'll see you to the door"
Go or live through; "We had many trials to go through"; "he saw action in Viet Nam"
Perceive or be contemporaneous with;
Perceive by sight or have the power to perceive by sight; "You have to be a good observer to see all the details"; "Can you see the bird in that tree?"; "He is blind--he cannot see"
See and understand, have a good eye; "The artist must first learn to see"
Perceive (an idea or situation) mentally; "Now I see!"; "I just can't see your point"; "Does she realize how important this decision is?"; "I don't understand the idea"
Observe, check out, and look over carefully or inspect; "The customs agent examined the baggage"; "I must see your passport before you can enter the country"
Get to know or become aware of, usually accidentally; "I learned that she has two grown-up children"; "I see that you have been promoted"
See or watch; "view a show on t