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Crossword Puzzle Answers for: SHI?TS


Make a shift in or exchange of; "First Joe led; then we switched"
Move and exchange for another; "shift the date for our class reunion"
Lay aside, abandon, or leave for another; "switch to a different brand of beer"; "She switched psychiatrists"; "The car changed lanes"
Change gears; "you have to shift when you go down a steep hill"
Move from one setting or context to another; "shift the emphasis"; "shift one's attention"
The act of changing one thing or position for another; "his switch on abortion cost him the election"
Change in quality; "His tone shifted"
The act of moving from one place to another; "his constant shifting disrupted the class"
Change phonetically as part of a systematic historical change; "Grimm showed how the consonants shifted"
A loose-fitting dress hanging straight from the shoulders without a waist
Use a shift key on a keyboard; "She could not shift so all her le


A garment worn on the upper half of the body
Put a shirt on