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Crossword Solutions for: SMU?


(a.) Studiously neat or nice, especially in dress; spruce; affectedly precise; smooth and prim.
(v. t.) To make smug, or spruce.


(v. i.) To gather smut; to be converted into smut; to become smutted.
(v. i.) To give off smut; to crock.
(v. t.) Foul matter, like soot or coal dust; also, a spot or soil made by such matter.
(v. t.) Bad, soft coal, containing much earthy matter, found in the immediate locality of faults.
(v. t.) An affection of cereal grains producing a swelling which is at length resolved into a powdery sooty mass. It is caused by parasitic fungi of the genus Ustilago. Ustilago segetum, or U. Carbo, is the commonest kind; that of Indian corn is Ustilago maydis.
(v. t.) Obscene language; ribaldry; obscenity.
(v. t.) To stain or mark with smut; to blacken with coal, soot, or other dirty substance.
(v. t.) To taint with mildew, as grain.
(v. t.) To blacken; to sully or taint; to tarnish.
(v. t.) To clear of smut; as, to smut grain for the mill.