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Crossword Puzzle Solutions for: STOO?


Imp. & p. p. of Stand.
(imp. & p. p.) of Stand


(n.) A small collection of sheaves set up in the field; a shock; in England, twelve sheaves.
(v. t.) To set up, as sheaves of grain, in stooks.


(n.) A plant from which layers are propagated by bending its branches into the soil.
(n.) A single seat with three or four legs and without a back, made in various forms for various uses.
(n.) A seat used in evacuating the bowels; hence, an evacuation; a discharge from the bowels.
(n.) A stool pigeon, or decoy bird.
(n.) A small channel on the side of a vessel, for the dead-eyes of the backstays.
(n.) A bishop's seat or see; a bishop-stool.
(n.) A bench or form for resting the feet or the knees; a footstool; as, a kneeling stool.
(n.) Material, such as oyster shells, spread on the sea bottom for oyster spat to adhere to.
(v. i.) To ramfy; to tiller, as grain; to shoot out suckers.


(n.) Originally, a covered porch with seats, at a house door; the Dutch stoep as introduced by the Dutch into New York. Afterward, an out-of-door flight of stairs of from seven to fourteen steps, with platform and parapets, leading to an entrance door some distance above the street; the French perron. Hence, any porch, platform, entrance stairway, or small veranda, at a house door.
(n.) A vessel of liquor; a flagon.
(n.) A post fixed in the earth.
(n.) The act of stooping, or bending the body forward; inclination forward; also, an habitual bend of the back and shoulders.
(n.) Descent, as from dignity or superiority; condescension; an act or position of humiliation.
(n.) The fall of a bird on its prey; a swoop.
(v. i.) To bend the upper part of the body downward and forward; to bend or lean forward; to incline forward in standing or walking; to assume habitually a bent position.
(v. i.) To yield; to submit; to bend, as by compulsion; to assume a position of humility or subjection.
(v. i.) To descend from rank or dignity; to condescend.
(v. i.) To come down as a hawk does on its prey; to pounce; to souse; to swoop.
(v. i.) To sink when on the wing; to alight.
(v. t.) To bend forward and downward; to bow down; as, to stoop the body.
(v. t.) To cause to incline downward; to slant; as, to stoop a cask of liquor.
(v. t.) To cause to submit; to prostrate.
(v. t.) To degrade.