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Crossword Solutions for: TRE??


(n.) A step or stepping; pressure with the foot; a footstep; as, a nimble tread; a cautious tread.
(n.) Manner or style of stepping; action; gait; as, the horse has a good tread.
(n.) Way; track; path.
(n.) The act of copulation in birds.
(n.) The upper horizontal part of a step, on which the foot is placed.
(n.) The top of the banquette, on which soldiers stand to fire over the parapet.
(n.) The part of a wheel that bears upon the road or rail.
(n.) The part of a rail upon which car wheels bear.
(n.) The chalaza of a bird's egg; the treadle.
(n.) A bruise or abrasion produced on the foot or ankle of a horse that interferes. See Interfere, 3.
(v. i.) To set the foot; to step.
(v. i.) To walk or go; especially, to walk with a stately or a cautious step.
(v. i.) To copulate; said of birds, esp. the males.
(v. t.) To step or walk on.
(v. t.) To beat or press with the feet; as, to tread a path; to tread land when too light; a well-trodden path.
(v. t.) To go through or accomplish by walking, dancing, or the like.
(v. t.) To crush under the foot; to trample in contempt or hatred; to subdue.
(v. t.) To copulate with; to feather; to cover; -- said of the male bird.


(n.) A parley; a conference.
(n.) An entertainment given as an expression of regard.
(n.) That which affords entertainment; a gratification; a satisfaction; as, the concert was a rich treat.
(v. i.) To discourse; to handle a subject in writing or speaking; to make discussion; -- usually with of; as, Cicero treats of old age and of duties.
(v. i.) To negotiate; to come to terms of accommodation; -- often followed by with; as, envoys were appointed to treat with France.
(v. i.) To give a gratuitous entertainment, esp. of food or drink, as a compliment.
(v. t.) To handle; to manage; to use; to bear one's self toward; as, to treat prisoners cruelly; to treat children kindly.
(v. t.) To discourse on; to handle in a particular manner, in writing or speaking; as, to treat a subject diffusely.
(v. t.) To entertain with food or drink, especially the latter, as a compliment, or as an expression of friendship or regard; as, to treat the whole company.
(v. t.) To negotiate; to settle; to make terms for.
(v. t.) To care for medicinally or surgically; to manage in the use of remedies or appliances; as, to treat a disease, a wound, or a patient.
(v. t.) To subject to some action; to apply something to; as, to treat a substance with sulphuric acid.
(v. t.) To entreat; to beseech.


Pl. of Tree.
(a.) Made of wood; wooden.
(a.) Relating to, or drawn from, trees.


Stretch (a shoe) on a shoetree
Chase an animal up a tree; "the hunters treed the bear with dogs and killed it"; "her dog likes to tree squirrels"
Plant with trees; "this lot should be treed so that the house will be shaded in summer"
Force a person or an animal into a position from which he cannot escape


A journey by ox wagon (especially an organized migration by a group of settlers)
Make a long and difficult journey; "They trekked towards the North Pole with sleds and skis"
Journey on foot, especially in the mountains; "We spent the summer trekking in the foothills of the Himalayas"
Any long and difficult trip


(n.) Inclination in a particular direction; tendency; general direction; as, the trend of a coast.
(n.) Clean wool.
(v. i.) To have a particular direction; to run; to stretch; to tend; as, the shore of the sea trends to the southwest.
(v. t.) To cause to turn; to bend.
(v. t.) To cleanse, as wool.


A city in northern Italy (northwest of Venice) on the River Adige; the site of the Council of Trent
A river in central England that flows generally northeastward to join with the Ouse River and form the Humber


(n.) A braid, knot, or curl, of hair; a ringlet.
(n.) Fig.: A knot or festoon, as of flowers.


(n. pl.) Trowsers; especially, those of the Scotch Highlanders.


One of four playing cards in a deck having three pips
The cardinal number that is the sum of one and one and one