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Definition of: ALTRICES

(n. pl.) Nursers, -- a term applied to those birds whose young are hatched in a very immature and helpless condition, so as to require the care of their parents for some time; -- opposed to praecoces.

anagrams of:altrices

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A separate section of a legal document (as a statute or contract or will)
One of a class of artifacts; "an article of clothing"
Nonfictional prose forming an independent part of a publication
Bind by a contract; especially for a training period
(grammar) a determiner that may indicate the specificity of reference of a noun phrase
A detailed account or description of something; "he was forced to listen to a recital of his many shortcomings"
A detailed statement giving facts and figures; "his wife gave a recital of his infidelities"
A public instance of reciting or repeating (from memory) something prepared in advance; "the program included songs and recitations of well-loved poems"
Performance of music or dance especially by soloists
The act of giving an account describing incidents or a course of events; "his narration was hesitant"