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Definitions of: ANET

(n.) The herb dill, or dillseed.

anagrams of:anet

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(n.) Each player's stake, which is put into the pool before (ante) the game begins.
(v. t. & i.) To put up (an ante).
The sun (or solar disc) which was the deity of a monotheistic cult under the Pharaoh Akhenaten
(n.) A kind of small, portable, cooking apparatus for which heat is furnished by a spirit lamp.
(n. sing. & pl.) Cattle of the genus Bos, as distinguished from horses, sheep, and goats; an animal of the genus Bos; as, a neat's tongue; a neat's foot.
(n.) Of or pertaining to the genus Bos, or to cattle of that genus; as, neat cattle.
(a.) Free from that which soils, defiles, or disorders; clean; cleanly; tidy.
(a.) Free from what is unbecoming, inappropriate, or tawdry; simple and becoming; pleasing with simplicity; tasteful; chaste; as, a neat style; a neat dress.
(a.) Free from admixture or adulteration; good of its kind; as, neat brandy.
(a.) Excellent in character, skill, or performance, etc.; nice; finished; adroit; as, a neat design; a neat thief.
(a.) With all deductions or allowances made; net. [In this sense usually written net. See Net, a., 3.]