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Definition for: ARGENT

(a.) Made of silver; of a silvery color; white; shining.
(n.) Silver, or money.
(n.) Whiteness; anything that is white.
(n.) The white color in coats of arms, intended to represent silver, or, figuratively, purity, innocence, beauty, or gentleness; -- represented in engraving by a plain white surface.

anagrams for:argent

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(n.) A mineral having many varieties differing in color and in their constituents, but with the same crystallization (isometric), and conforming to the same general chemical formula. The commonest color is red, the luster is vitreous, and the hardness greater than that of quartz. The dodecahedron and trapezohedron are the common forms.
(n.) A tackle for hoisting cargo in our out.
(n.) The manager or acting partner of a company, joint-stock association, etc.