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Definition for: ARTSY

Same as arty.

anagrams for:artsy

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(n.) A sylvan deity or demigod, represented as part man and part goat, and characterized by riotous merriment and lasciviousness.
(n.) Any one of many species of butterflies belonging to the family Nymphalidae. Their colors are commonly brown and gray, often with ocelli on the wings. Called also meadow browns.
(n.) The orang-outang.
(a.) To wander, as from a direct course; to deviate, or go out of the way.
(a.) To wander from company, or from the proper limits; to rove at large; to roam; to go astray.
(a.) Figuratively, to wander from the path of duty or rectitude; to err.
(v. t.) To cause to stray.
(v. i.) Having gone astray; strayed; wandering; as, a strayhorse or sheep.
(n.) Any domestic animal that has an inclosure, or its proper place and company, and wanders at large, or is lost; an estray. Used also figuratively.
(n.) The act of wandering or going astray.