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Definitions of: ASPIRANT

(a.) Aspiring.
(n.) One who aspires; one who eagerly seeks some high position or object of attainment.

anagrams of:aspirant

(n.) An adherent to a party or faction; esp., one who is strongly and passionately devoted to a party or an interest.
(n.) The commander of a body of detached light troops engaged in making forays and harassing an enemy.
(n.) Any member of such a corps.
(a.) Adherent to a party or faction; especially, having the character of blind, passionate, or unreasonable adherence to a party; as, blinded by partisan zeal.
(a.) Serving as a partisan in a detached command; as, a partisan officer or corps.
(n.) A kind of halberd or pike; also, a truncheon; a staff.