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Definitions of: AULD

(a.) Old; as, Auld Reekie (old smoky), i. e., Edinburgh.

anagrams of:auld

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(a.) Expressing, or consisting of, the number two; belonging to two; as, the dual number of nouns, etc. , in Greek.
(v. i.) High commendation; praise; honor; exaltation; glory.
(v. i.) A part of divine worship, consisting chiefly of praise; -- usually in the pl.
(v. i.) Music or singing in honor of any one.
(v. i.) To praise in words alone, or with words and singing; to celebrate; to extol.
An industrial conurbation in northeastern China on the southern end of the Liaodong Peninsula; it now includes the cities of Dalian and Lushun
(n.) In Shetland and Orkney, a freehold; property held by udal, or allodial, right.
(a.) Allodial; -- a term used in Finland, Shetland, and Orkney. See Allodial.