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Definitions of: BAST

(n.) The inner fibrous bark of various plants; esp. of the lime tree; hence, matting, cordage, etc., made therefrom.
(n.) A thick mat or hassock. See 2d Bass, 2.

anagrams of:bast

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Wink briefly; "bat one's eyelids"
Beat thoroughly and conclusively in a competition or fight; "We licked the other team on Sunday!"
(baseball) a turn trying to get a hit; "he was at bat when it happened"; "he got four hits in four at-bats"
Strike with, or as if with a baseball bat; "bat the ball"
Nocturnal mouselike mammal with forelimbs modified to form membranous wings and anatomical adaptations for echolocation by which they navigate
Use a bat; "Who's batting?"
A club used for hitting a ball in various games
Informal or slang terms for mentally irregular; "it used to drive my husband barmy"
Have a turn at bat; "Jones bats first, followed by Martinez"
The club used in playing cricket; "a cricket bat has a narrow handle and a broad flat end for hitting"
A small racket with a long handle used for playing squash
(v. t.) To pierce with a pointed weapon; to wound or kill by the thrust of a pointed instrument; as, to stab a man with a dagger; also, to thrust; as, to stab a dagger into a person.
(v. t.) Fig.: To injure secretly or by malicious falsehood or slander; as, to stab a person's reputation.
(v. i.) To give a wound with a pointed weapon; to pierce; to thrust with a pointed weapon.
(v. i.) To wound or pain, as if with a pointed weapon.
(n.) The thrust of a pointed weapon.
(n.) A wound with a sharp-pointed weapon; as, to fall by the stab an assassin.
(n.) Fig.: An injury inflicted covertly or suddenly; as, a stab given to character.
Sensationalist journalism
The bill in a restaurant;
A dose of medicine in the form of a small pellet
A short strip of material attached to or projecting from something in order to facilitate opening or identifying or handling it; "pull the tab to open the can"; "files with a red tab will be stored separately"; "the collar has a tab with a button hole"; "the filing cards were organized by cards having indexed tabs"
The key on a typewriter or a word processor that causes a tabulation