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Definitions of: CAPE

(n.) A piece or point of land, extending beyond the adjacent coast into the sea or a lake; a promontory; a headland.
(n.) A sleeveless garment or part of a garment, hanging from the neck over the back, arms, and shoulders, but not reaching below the hips. See Cloak.
(v. i.) To head or point; to keep a course; as, the ship capes southwest by south.
(v. i.) To gape.

anagrams of:cape

(n.) A single movement from one foot to the other in walking; a step.
(n.) The length of a step in walking or marching, reckoned from the heel of one foot to the heel of the other; -- used as a unit in measuring distances; as, he advanced fifty paces.
(n.) Manner of stepping or moving; gait; walk; as, the walk, trot, canter, gallop, and amble are paces of the horse; a swaggering pace; a quick pace.
(n.) A slow gait; a footpace.
(n.) Specifically, a kind of fast amble; a rack.
(n.) Any single movement, step, or procedure.
(n.) A broad step or platform; any part of a floor slightly raised above the rest, as around an altar, or at the upper end of a hall.
(n.) A device in a loom, to maintain tension on the warp in pacing the web.
(v. i.) To go; to walk; specifically, to move with regular or measured steps.
(v. i.) To proceed; to pass on.
(v. i.) To move quickly by lifting the legs on the same side together, as a horse; to amble with rapidity; to rack.
(v. i.) To pass away; to die.
(v. t.) To walk over with measured tread; to move slowly over or upon; as, the guard paces his round.
(v. t.) To measure by steps or paces; as, to pace a piece of ground.
(v. t.) To develop, guide, or control the pace or paces of; to teach the pace; to break in.