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Definition for: CAVER


anagrams for:caver

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(v. t.) To cut.
(v. t.) To cut, as wood, stone, or other material, in an artistic or decorative manner; to sculpture; to engrave.
(v. t.) To make or shape by cutting, sculpturing, or engraving; to form; as, to carve a name on a tree.
(v. t.) To cut into small pieces or slices, as meat at table; to divide for distribution or apportionment; to apportion.
(v. t.) To cut: to hew; to mark as if by cutting.
(v. t.) To take or make, as by cutting; to provide.
(v. t.) To lay out; to contrive; to design; to plan.
(v. i.) To exercise the trade of a sculptor or carver; to engrave or cut figures.
(v. i.) To cut up meat; as, to carve for all the guests.
(n.) A carucate.
(v. t.) To ask with earnestness or importunity; to ask with submission or humility; to beg; to entreat; to beseech; to implore.
(v. t.) To call for, as a gratification; to long for; hence, to require or demand; as, the stomach craves food.
(v. i.) To desire strongly; to feel an insatiable longing; as, a craving appetite.
(n.) The calcined ashes of any coarse seaweed used for the manufacture of soda and iodine; also, the seaweed itself; fucus; wrack.