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Definition for: CLAM

(n.) Claminess; moisture.
(n.) A crash or clangor made by ringing all the bells of a chime at once.
(v. i.) To be moist or glutinous; to stick; to adhere.
(v. t.) A bivalve mollusk of many kinds, especially those that are edible; as, the long clam (Mya arenaria), the quahog or round clam (Venus mercenaria), the sea clam or hen clam (Spisula solidissima), and other species of the United States. The name is said to have been given originally to the Tridacna gigas, a huge East Indian bivalve.
(v. t.) Strong pinchers or forceps.
(v. t.) A kind of vise, usually of wood.
(v. t.) To clog, as with glutinous or viscous matter.
(v. t. & i.) To produce, in bell ringing, a clam or clangor; to cause to clang.

anagrams for:clam

(n.) Freedom from motion, agitation, or disturbance; a cessation or absence of that which causes motion or disturbance, as of winds or waves; tranquility; stillness; quiet; serenity.
(n.) To make calm; to render still or quiet, as elements; as, to calm the winds.
(n.) To deliver from agitation or excitement; to still or soothe, as the mind or passions.
(super.) Not stormy; without motion, as of winds or waves; still; quiet; serene; undisturbed.
(super.) Undisturbed by passion or emotion; not agitated or excited; tranquil; quiet in act or speech.