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Definitions of: CLIP

(n.) An embrace.
(n.) A cutting; a shearing.
(n.) The product of a single shearing of sheep; a season's crop of wool.
(n.) A clasp or holder for letters, papers, etc.
(n.) An embracing strap for holding parts together; the iron strap, with loop, at the ends of a whiffletree.
(n.) A projecting flange on the upper edge of a horseshoe, turned up so as to embrace the lower part of the hoof; -- called also toe clip and beak.
(n.) A blow or stroke with the hand; as, he hit him a clip.
(v. i.) To move swiftly; -- usually with indefinite it.
(v. t.) To embrace, hence; to encompass.
(v. t.) To cut off; as with shears or scissors; as, to clip the hair; to clip coin.
(v. t.) To curtail; to cut short.